Now GGSIPU students don't need to download PDF files from http://ipu.ac.in to get there results and then find there enrollment number in them to get there results.In PDF,even after you finally find your marks,you don't have an idea what marks are for what subjects and you have to match subject ids to subject names.You don't need to do any of that now as you just need you to enter your enrollment number and you will get results for all the semesters along with college and university ranks and backlogs.

This page is College ranks page of website ipuresults.co.in which provides users with the college ranks which tells the users where they stand in their college ranking and can also see the results of other students by clicking on the rows of their ranks. User has to enter enrollment no.,select stream of engineering and select semester for which ranks are needed. It shows college wide ranks and students having same percentages get same ranks.